FuelSOME project to participate in the 11th international conference on life cycle management

ZHAW, FuelSOME project partner from Life Cycle Assessment will be giving a platform presentation at the 11th International Conference On Life Cycle Management.

In this platform presentation the LCA team will be giving a first insight into the life cycle sustainability impacts of alternative maritime fuels and how they compare to the fossil-based options.

These insights are highly relevant for the bigger scope of FuelSOME, in understanding the environmental performance of the proposed fuel pathways and will contribute to the decision-making basis for the further course of the project.

The conference will be taking place in Lille, France, from the 6th – 8th September 2023. Our contribution is embedded in the session “Assessing sustainability of flexible energy systems transition”, at 14.00 on September 7th.

Check out the full abstract on our website: https://fuelsome.eu/publications/

Register to the conference: https://www.lcm2023.org/events/lcm-2023/