Date: 10th April
Time: 15:30 – 17:00
Moderation: Thomas Timmel, Biobase
Organisation: AEE: Wolfgang Gruber-Glatzl, Manu Eberl

Title: Sustainable Fuels for the Shipping and Transportation Sector


FuelSOME, in collaboration with the Synergetics project, organized an enlightening workshop focused on introducing sustainable fuels on a large scale in the shipping sector and similar applications, including industries and heavy-duty transportation. This workshop brought together experts to discuss and showcase pathways for generating, storing, and distributing ammonia, methanol, methane, and hydrogen.

Participants explored solutions for ocean vessels and smaller applications on lakes and rivers. They delved into crucial aspects of fuel pathways from source to ship, and learned about the latest technological developments and the infrastructure needed for full deployment. Key technology providers shared their future plans, fostering a rich discussion on the future of sustainable fuels in the shipping and transportation sectors.


  • Vikrant Venkataraman, Technical Manager of the FuelSOME project, presented an overview of the FuelSOME project and its key performance indicators (KPIs). His insights on the current state and future prospects of multi-fuel power generators were invaluable.
  • Interactive Sessions: Attendees engaged in discussions at four themed tables, covering greenhouse gas emissions, land use, technology readiness, and cost considerations. Each table was guided by experts who facilitated in-depth discussions on these critical topics.
  • Integration and Podium Discussion: The workshop concluded with a podium discussion, integrating insights from the interactive sessions and addressing additional points such as the most relevant KPIs, the potential of various green fuels, and the balance between imported and EU-produced fuels.
For more information on the topics covered during the workshop, click Here