Happy World Maritime Day 2022!

Happy World Maritime Day 2022!

Among the world’s most pressing ocean and environmental challenges are climate change, marine litter and preserving biodiversity. This year’s World Maritime Theme ‘New technologies for greener shipping’ has been chosen to highlight initiatives intended to address them.
Also, reflects the need to support a green transition of the maritime sector into a sustainable future, while leaving no one behind. The theme provides an opportunity to focus on the importance of a sustainable maritime sector and the need to build back better and greener in a post pandemic world. It provides an opportunity to promote inclusive innovation, research and development, and technology cooperation, and to showcase solutions for decarbonization and more environmentally friendly shipping.

These ambitions will benefit everyone; no one will be left behind. It marks a pathway to help implement the United Nations 2030 agenda for sustainable development which set out 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or ‘SDGs’.

FuelSOME’s vision is to make a substantial contribution to the required drastic reduction of Greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions from global shipping (climate change mitigation) with a reduction of air pollutants, such as NOx, SOX, and pollution prevention and control, at the same time. With regards to fuels, ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen have been selected for consideration in FuelSOME with clear advantages regarding transportation, storage, energy density and, in the long term, potential for resource valorisation in a circular economy scenario.

On one hand, the European shipping sector and industry will benefit from a technology that will guarantee high returns in the long run, thereby helping in accelerating the transition to a GHG neutrality by 2050. On the other hand, the European scientific and industrial community will benefit from a high seminal scientific and technological knowledge which will contribute and strengthen European innovation base in next generation green technologies.

FuelSOME project is funded by ‘the European Union under the Grant Agreement no. 101069828’.

History of the World Maritime Day:
Many people do not realize that more than 80% of the world’s global trade is transported through international shipping. This means that most of the consumer goods that enter business and homes all over the world were shipped to get there. As the most affordable and efficient form of transportation for goods, maritime activity continues to be a vital part of the world’s trade industry.
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) began its development in 1948 as a specialized agency of the United Nations and entered into force on March 17, 1958. At its beginning, the IMO had only 21 member states who took part, which is a large contrast to the present day when it now boasts more than 160 members.
The IMO focuses on environmental issues, legal issues, safety, maritime efficiency, and technical cooperation. They work together to prevent marine pollution from ships, create safety measures to avoid accidents and damage, build more efficiency in shipping.

With the slogan, “Safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans”, members commit to taking care of the natural resources as well as working in cooperation for the safety of everyone. This includes encouraging each member to promote legislation against piracy and other dangerous activity on the sea.
Twenty years after it moved into action, the anniversary of the IMO was celebrated as the first World Maritime Day in March of 1978. Celebrated annually after that, eventually the day was moved to the end of September, usually celebrated on the last Thursday. Established by the United Nations in 1978, World Maritime Day is meant to raise awareness about the importance of the shipping industry and the vital contribution it makes to places all over the globe. Each year World Maritime Day has its own theme that is meant to encourage and motivate those within the shipping industry as well as offering opportunities to tell others about it.


Wondering how to celebrate World Maritime Day and take part in appreciating those in the shipping industry?

  • Learn More About the Shipping Industry
  • As a global initiative light up your buildings, bridges, ports, ships, monuments, museums, and other emblematic landmarks in blue and green and send your pictures to media@imo.org.
  • Visit a Port or Maritime Museum
    Give a Little Nod to the Sea
  • Watch a Film About Seafarers [The Bounty (1984), Captain Phillips (2009)]
  • Take a Boat Ride
  • You can watch and share the IMO Secretary-General for the World Maritime Day message

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