As a research and innovation concept, FuelSOME aims to develop a novel multifuel energy generation system based on SOFC technology called the FuelSOME system.

The methodology complies with the ‘do no significant harm’ principle as per Article 17 of Regulation (EU) No 2020/852 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

The activities, including the development of technologies of the FuelSOME system and the validation activities consider possible impact on climate change, water and marine resources, prevention of waste generation and recycling, pollution prevention and control and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

The FuelSOME project will be executed over 3 contiguous and sequentially aligned phases. The proposed methodology aims to validate the project outcomes in relevant environments to expedite the rapid commercial take-up of its technology and network products.

Phase 1 – (M1-M20)

Formulation of Technology concept design for a multifuel SOFC system using ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen, with screening of available streams, industrial processes and technologies for ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen as fuels for a multifuel SOFC system completed. Modelling of FuelSOME concept with considerations of value chain aspects (generation, distribution, storage, shipyards). Start of Technology development at the stack level with initial performance mapping of stacks for system development completed. Initial system modelling, simulation and analysis of integrated system completed. Launch of TEA and ILCSA activities. Launch of D&C&E activities.

Phase 2 – (M21-M36)

Implementation and completion of technology development activities at the stack level, including Development of fuel reforming/cracking units for multi-fuel SOFC applications; Ex situ validation of stack components in ammonia and methanol atmosphere; Testing of stack module in multi-fuel operation; Post-test and degradation analysis. Ongoing Lab scale validation of multi-fuel SOFC system, including system development & integration for a 6-kW system. Ongoing of TEA and ILCSA activities. Scale-up of D&C&E activities.

Phase 3 – (M37-M48)

Completion of lab scale validation of multi-fuel SOFC system, with System development & integration for a 6-kW system; Performance testing of lab scale prototype along with test bed set up, Scale-up, Integration potential with fuel production unit investigated. Completion of Transferability case studies to other applications. completion of TEA and ILCSA activities and of up of D&C&E activities.

Figure 1: FuelSOME Technology Concept