FuelSOME will Make an Important Contribution to the Following Environmental Objectives:
Climate Change Mitigation

by proposing a technology which could potentially drastically reduce the GHG emissions of the maritime transport sector.

Pollution Prevention & Control

by diminishing the level of GHG and other pollutants emissions for the targeted application whilst doing no significant harm to the objectives of

Climate Change Adaptation

Transition to a Circular Economy

Preservation of Water & Marine Resources

Protection & Restoration of Biodiversity & Ecosystems

5 key S.M.A.R.T. objectives:

  • objective-1
    Objective 1
    To design an overall technology concept from source to end use and proceed with its modelling, considering fuel (quality) specifications as well as fuel storage and distribution aspects.
  • objective-2
    Objective 2
    To undertake research at stack level to advance its performance, efficiency, degradation, and tolerance limits and to proceed with development of the stack module.
  • objective-3
    Objective 3
    To design, build and test a lab scale prototype of the multi-fuel energy generator based on SOFC technology.
  • objective-4
    Objective 4
    To undertake a Techno-economic Assessment (TEA) and perform a prospective Life Cycle Sustainability assessment (LCSA).
  • objective-5
    Objective 5
    To maximize the project’s impact a through wide dissemination, communication, exploitation, and standardization actions.