FuelSOME project to participate in European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2023 conference

The “European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Piero Lunghi Conference” (EFC) aims to discuss the scientific progress and the most modern applications of hydrogen and fuel cell-based technologies. 

Topics covered by the conference concern all Hydrogen and Fuel Cells technologies with specific applications, among which: hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and handling and hydrogen mobility with particular attention both to the vehicles and the vessels.

The project FuelSOME has the aim of establishing the technological feasibility of a flexible, scalable and multifuel capable energy generation system based on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) operating with hydrogen or hydrogen carriers as ammonia and methanol, catered for long-distance maritime shipping.

In this context, the participation to this conference with an extended abstract concerning the preliminary techno-economic assessment on small scale methanol based-Solid Oxide Cell system for maritime application represents a valid opportunity to spread and disseminate the FuelSOME project.